August 8, 2013

Walls, walls, and more walls!

GM Notes: (Sassy Pants is a Ragewalker)

PC Notes:

Our new sailor friends offer to give us horses. Fezzik takes the armored horse, Myerin takes the horse that makes her invisible, Thorin takes the undead horse, and Cecily takes the blue dressy horse. We make camp 60 feet off the path. While Fezzik is on watch, he senses something magical happening, but is not quite sure what it is. He sees a large, slimy rock man – it is an Alkilith! It enervates Fezzik so he puts a spiritual weapon next to it. The Alkilith casts a wall of ice, trapping Myerin with it on one side, and the rest of the party on the other side. Thorin gives Fezzik DR/Adamantine, Fezzik walks around the wall and fires an arrow, Cecily flies above the wall, and Myerin goes towards Fezzik. The Alkilith casts a stinking cloud around Myerin – eww! Thorin starts around the wall. Cecily casts four unicorns at the Alkilith – everyone is surprised that Cecily has actually been talking about a real unicorn spell this whole time and she is very indignant – and the unicorns push the monster back five feet. They do no damage, but Cecily has had fun! Myerin hits the monster and actually does damage. Cecily should feel ashamed, but she just casts unicorns! The stinking cloud expands. The Alkilith attempts to grapple Myerin, but fails. Fezzik smash.

John is unable to wait until the end of battle, so the men take a bathroom break!

The fight continues. Myerin single-handedly causes the Alkilith to quake with fear and teleport terrifiedly from her in defeat! Myerin is our savior and hero! We decide to move our campsite. Too stinky! We wake up and continue on to Slaughterscar.

When we reach Slaughterscar, we see an desert area, where before we saw lots of dead trees. We come upon a sassy monster. Rawr! He seems gleeful and tracks along with us as we try to skirt the desert. He seems naturey. We decide to attack him since that seems to make him happy. This dude has SR and a high touch AC! Arrows fired at him reflected off of him and were fired back at Myerin and Fezzik. He casts a blade barrier around us which only affects Cecily. Then he charges. Myerin seems strange now. Again. She tries to attack Fezzik. Cecily casts Wings of Flurry and this brings about a bit of a tiff at the gaming table. Fezzik smash. Thorin Flame Strikes. The sassy monster casts another wall of fire and attacks Fezzik with a spikes chain and tripps him. Myerin attacks the monster. Cecily hastes everyone. This causes a distance discussion. Fezzik makes himself more resistant to fire, and Thorin heals everyone which sparks a math conversation. Sigh. The monster with sass withdraws behind Thorin and – surprise – casts a third fire wall. Cecily casts another Wings of Flurry which makes Mr. Sassy upset. Fezzik smash. The 9:15 bell rings. Sassypants dies.




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