August 1, 2013

"WTF!!! Why does Armin Harrak have tentacles now?!" Fezzik

GM Notes:

…I have nothing to add…

PC Notes:

There is something wrong with Myerin! She starts taking off her clothes. Cecily turns into sand while Fezzik breaks down the barred door. Outside the room, there seems to be more vegetation than there was previously. Fezzik is snared by a tree, but escapes. Cecily sands in front of Thorin, releases Gust of Wind, and casts Ray of Enfeeblement, bringing his strength to 3. His load is now too heavy! We have Thorin and Myerin stripping. Armenhammer turns into a Rukarazyll – oh no! Thorin follws behind it. While Fezzik works his way through a wall of thorns, Cecily attempts to dispel the wall of thorns, but fails. She turns back into sand and flies away. The Rukarazyll mirror images into 8 images. Cecily tries to cast Wings of Flurry, and does kill the ooze, but the Rukarazyll is too Dexy.

Josh has to pee.

The battle continues. Fezzik hits 4 of the mirror images. Cecily Magic Missiles the remaining images, bringing it back to just the main monster. Fezzik smash. Myerin is still stripping. Crazy Dark One. Cecily attempts to Combust but, again, fails. Fezzik smash. Thorin continues to hide behind the Rukarazyll. Cecily finally manages to Combust. Fezzik smash. Thorin has to critically cure the Rukarazyll (but only for 27 points). Cecily combusts again. The Rukarazyll’s not feeling too Dexy now! Fezzik smash. As Thorin casts Heal, an arrow hits him in the back for 49 damage. Myerin continues her strip tease. Fezzik delays death, Cecily casts a hail of stone and kills the monster, and heals Fezzik who deals the killing blow and stops regeneration. Naryalla emerges from the bushes and bitchily tells Cecily “it took you long enough!” Cecily seethes. Naryalla casts Greater Dispel Magic on Thorin who proceeds to heal everyone. Then we all turn to go get Myerin, but the main door is magically closed. Hang on Myerin!

Bathroom break!

Once the doors open, 4 Luminous initiates with spears charge the party but are ineffectual. Thorin Prot. Evils the initiates, and Myerin. We go to the area with Circle Against Evil. It appears Armenhammer went off on a mission to the Scar and when “he” came back, he seemed a little off. He then sent most of the people of the Citadel off on “missions” leaving a sparse guard of initiates which he sent into the brain room to dominate them. We round up the 50 remaining dominated initiates and bring them into the room to Greater Dispel them. They are all like, wtf?!?We head to Armenhammer’s office. Thorin set off a trap in his hastiness. Myerin finally gets to roll to check the office. It seems like a tornado has gone off in here. Armenhammer ought to be more organized. We find a scrying orb. Fezzik looks in it and sees Shen and a malevolent creature sitting on a pile of skulls. Shen turns toward Fezzik and the orb goes black. Fezzik pees on the orb. Naryalla decides she no longer wants the orb.

Naryalla tells us stuff about Slaughterscar. We should go there to find Armenhammer. Fezzik decorates the Citadel in a nautical theme and Cecily teaches the initiates how to sail while Thorin and Myerin go look in the town to go ask clerics why people can’t be resurrected. It doesn’t appear to be because of the dome – they couldn’t find the dead’s soul. When Thorin and Myerin return to the citadel, it is now Marineistan and the sailors rush out and tell them they found a chest of money and a letter from Shen saying “this will be enough payment. Or else…” Off to Slaughterscar!



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