The Ramla Speak

“We sense the field surrounding our valley. Evil powers it. You seek that which is powered by the essence of all who have died in the recent tragedies. You seek the Reliquary of Souls. It harnesses the spirits of the dead and bends them to its user’s machinations.”
“We cannot sense the presence of the one you would call Shen, he is protected…protected by a powerful shadow…a shadow that has threatened this valley for millennia.”
“If you wish to stop this evil from spreading through the valley and indeed, the world, you must break the power of the Reliquary and reopen the valley to the rest of existence. You must master the Obelisks as they were long ago…”
“Only one still alive recalls the secrets of the Obelisks…You must travel far underneath the valley, where no light shines, and consult the old one…”

October 4, 2014

Myerin sees the ruins about 100 feet ahead. We decide to go there. Fezzik tries to get God to tell him what’s going to happen next. No luck. Thorin wants to move. We come up to the ruins and there is a pool of water in the middle. No one sees anything coming. Something tries to attack Myerin but misses. Something else attacks Myerin. Surprise, surprise, she is hit in the face – with a rock. There are four Forest Giants, but we don’t know anything about them. One jumps down on Myerin, but she evades it. Another Giant attacks her. Two others try to hit Thorin, but one misses. Thorin Flame Strikes two of the Forest Giants. Fezzik waits for Cecily, who Hastes. Fezzik smash. We hear screaming. A Death Giant comes out. He panicks Myerin and Thorin, who each run 60 feet in opposite directions, and shakens Fezzik and Cecily. Cecily webs Myerin and Fezzik chases after Thorin. The Death Giant cast Greater Dispel Magic on Ceecily and she lost Spiderclimb and Detect Magic, but kept Haste. Myerin gets out of the web. The Forest Giants attack Cecily. Thorin continues running away. Cecily runs between the other party members and webs Myerin again. Fezzik continues chasing Thorin. The Death Giant casts Flame Strike at Thorin and Fezzik. The Forest Giants try to attack Cecily, but they miss. Thorin tries to keep running, but Fezzik grabs him before he can get anywhere. Cecily drains 16 strength from the Death Giant and runs toward Myerin. Fezzik Panaceas Thorin. Myerin makes it out of the web. No one can see the giants so we don’t know what they do. Thorin heals Fezzik. Cecily webs Myerin yet again. Fezzik Cold Shields himself and moves back toward the fray. Myerin tries to get out of the web. She sees movement on the roofs around her, taking her to -6. Thorin Holy Swords Fezzik. Cecily webs Myerin again. The Forest Giants all throw rocks on Myerin. Cecily wings of Flurries the Forest Giants and dazes two of them. Fezzik moves toward Myerin where Thorin can heal her.Fezzik shoots one of them with an arrow. The Death Giant Unholy Blights Cecily, Fezzik and Thorin. Fezzik is sickened for two rounds. Thorin closes Myerin’s wounds. The not-dazed Forest Giant throws a rock at Myerin and jumps off the roof. Thorin Flame Strikes the Death Giant and a dazed Forest Giant. Cecily Wings of Flurries all the monsters and kills two of the Forest Giants. Fezzik smash. The Death Giant steals Myerin’s soul. Thorin tries to talk him into giving her sould back, but he is evil and super mean and laughs at Thorin. Then he throws a rock at Thorin but misses. The Forest Giant throws some rocks at Fezzik. Thorin casts Bolt of Glory on the Death Giant. Cecily Wings of Flurries the Death Giant and the remaining Forest Giant, killing it. Fezzik Bloodwinds and slightly smash. The Death Giant tries to run away, but Thorin flies up and Bolt of Glories him.Cecily also flies up and Eldritch Blasts the Death Giant. Fezzik jumps up on the roof and runs after the Death Giant, and attacks him. The Death Giant is almost dead, and turns around to face us. He offers to release Myerin’s soul if we let him leave, but someone would have to cast a resurrection spell at the same time. Thorin talks the Death Giant into staying until Fezzik can bring Tenel-ka back. She brings Myerin back to life. Hooray! Thorin then stabs the Death Giant in the back and kills it. We see a hole that is the entrance to some kind of temple with runes around it. Myerin makes a rubbing of the runes. We go back to the village and rest.

Jocelyn is hungry, so we all have lunch!

We return to the temple entrance. Myerin searches the entrance for traps and then enters. As Myerin is searching the room, a man made of paper (Grisgol) comes into the room and something happens. No one is sure what, but something seems to be different, as if some time has passed and we are not aware of it. Myerin changes to her demolition crystal and backs toward the group. Cecily tries to Vitriolic Blast it, but fails. Then the group wonders if we should be attacking it, and decide that we should. Fezzik tries to punch it and grapple him, but fails. The Grisgol casts Freezing Fog into the room, causing Cecily to fall down. Thorin tries to dispel the fog, but fails. Myerin moves toward the exit. Cecily becomes a cloud of sand, and then Gusts of Wind, disbursing a 10 foot corridor of fog. Fezzik smash and grapple. The Grisgol causes Fezzik to dance for 5 rounds, and extends the fog. Thorin tries to Flame Strike, but it fails. Myerin moves toward the Grisgol. Cecily Hastes the party. Fezzik busts some moves. The Grisgol does some elemental damage to everyone. Thorin protects Fezzik from evil. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts the Grisgol. Fezzik smash. Myerin throws Alchemist’s Fire at the Grisgol. The Grisgol attacks Fezzik. Thorin heals Cecily. Cecily misses with her next attack, but the Grisgol still takes acid damage from the previous round. Fezzik smashes, and brings the Grisgol down to the main level. Myerin crits and kills the Grisgol. We loot the body and the room.

We head back to the Ramla and they tell us stuff (see other post). Myerin knows the stuff the Ramla talk about is a brain thing. We discuss whether plane shift will work even though teleport doesn’t. There will be a celebration in the village.

Time for dinner!

July 5, 2014

When we fly back to the village, all but Myerin see that it’s on fire. Cecily and Fezzik worry about their boat and Fezzik creates water to save it. Aukan leaves us in the dust and flies quickly to the village. Everyone is running around putting out fires. Fezzik dumps the boat of water on people as Cecily casts Passage of the Shifting Sands, then releases it to create Gust of Wind. Then Cecily creates a calming twirling station for the villagers. Myerin finds a crying woman and sends her to the twirling station. Thorin runs around healing people. Myerin notices that Tenal-ka, Eglath, and Nala are missing from the chaos. Actually, no one is really left in charge except Aukan. We learn that Giants have struck the village (not Cloud Giants), taken Nala and about 7 other people, and Tenal-ka and Eglath have followed after them. An old lady thought she saw a larger, darker Giant, but Thorin determined that she’s senile. We have three choices of trackers: one who was on fire, one whose family member is dead, and one whose family member was taken. The one who was on fire and the one whose family member is dead are of no use to us. We select the third tracker, Vimak Bearkiller, brother of Nala, and decide to go after the Giants.

The party heads northwest to Mount Titania. We see signs of people being dragged and blood. Vimak guesses there are about 7-10 Giants. We see a dead Giant in the path. Thorin recognizes it as a Fire Giant. It resembles Thorin. Vimak stabs the Giant a lot. Further on, there is a blood bath of Goliath blood. It seems most of the Giants have gone one way and most of the Goliaths have gone the other way. Vimak is following the Goliaths and we follow. As we ascent, Thorin and Myerin hear moaning. It’s super cloudy. We find most of the people we were following. Thorin heals them. Eglath is nearly dead. Nearby there are two dead Goliaths. So sad. Tenal-ka is super sleepy. Tenal-ka will control weather tomorrow. We and Vimak decide to let everyone rest and we will continue ahead and track the Giants. It seems like the demolition of the Giants abruptly stops. Cecily Gusts of Wind. Myerin searches and sees a suspicious rock. Myerin and Thorin hear movement inside the rock that is a secret entrance. We decide to come back later, but Fezzik hears the Giants inside talking about the party. Initiative.

After some fatty cheeseburgers, we get back to the game.

We smell brimstone and sulfur. Myerin starts into the tunnel. Cecily climbs the walls invisibly and is attacked by a Giant. She yelps. Thorin Sound Lances the Giant for half damage. Vimak casts Resist Energy on himself. Fezzik jumps onto the rock in the middle of the lava, taking Myerin with him. He also casts Cold Shield. Cecily takes 10 strength from the Giant. The Giant recedes into the fog. Thorin flies after the Giant. He sees a room filled with four Fire Giants and a Pyrohydra with 12 heads. Thorin Holy Smites two of the Fire Giants and the Pyrohydra and blinds the hydra for the round. Three of the Giants throw fiery boulders at Thorin. Fezzik and Myerin jump up to the ledge. The Pyrohydra decides to go and blows fire at everyone but Cecily. Myerin shoots her longbow but misses. Cecily moves farther into the room and up the wall. The Club Giant tries to hit Cecily but misses. Thorin Sound Lances again. The other Fire Giants converge on the party and attack. Vimak tries to get up the ledge but falls up into the water, stands up, and the Pyrohydra attacks him. Fezzik smash the Pyrohydra and Divine Retaliations. The Pyrohydra attacks Fezzik. Myerin attacks a Fire Giant. Cecily Wings of Flurries the Pyrohydra and two Fire Giants. The Club Giant attacks Myerin. Thorin heals Fezzik. Dildoman attacks Thorin, one of the remaining Fire Giants is dazed, and the last Fire Giant tries to attack Myerin but fails. Vimak is helpless and goes on the defensive. Fezzik Divine Retaliations again and kills the Pyrohydra. Myerin tries to attack Dildoman, but misses. Cecily chains the Fire Giants. The Club Giant attacks Myerin. Thorin mass heals. Two of the other three Giants flank and attack Fezzik, and the third attacks Myerin. Vimak actually hits a Giant! Fezzik kills Dildoman and Tridentman. Myerin kills Spearman. Cecily Eldritch Blasts the Club Giant. The Club Giant runs toward the vortex, trying to be sucked down. Thorin Sound Lances the Club Giant, killing it.

Vimack goes back home. Myerin searches the room. We find lots of sand, worthless items, gross food, and 1000 platinum pieces. There are 17 gems in the fiery pit. There is a potion of swimming, a scroll of suggestion, a scroll of Bigby’s Interposing Hand, and a scroll of Cone of Cold. Myerin finds a secret door which leads to a hidden valley and some ruins. Time for some h’ors doeuvres.

The party heads toward the ruins. A rock hits Myerin in the face. As we proceed down the path, Myerin gets hit in the face again with a rock. There are four Cloud Giants. Cecily reduces one of their strength by 16. Thorin heals Myerin. Myerin moves to one of the Cloud Giants. Cecily reduces another one’s strength by 16. The Cloud Giants throw rocks at Myerin, then two of them fly up 20 feet. Thorin moves up to the Cloud Giants. Fezzik flies up to one of them. Cecily Wings of Flurries two of the Cloud Giants, and one of them is dazed for a round. Two of the Cloud Giants go “wi-cha” and charge Myerin and Thorin. Thorin gives Myerin a fly potion and also heals her. Myerin tries to attack a Cloud Giant but misses. Fezzik smash. Cecily Wings of Flurries and kills a Cloud Giant. The three remaining Cloud Giants all attack Thorin. Thorin heals himself. Myerin crits a Cloud Giant. Fezzik smash. Cecily Wings of Flurries again and one of the Cloud Giants is dazed for a round. One of the Cloud Giants attacks Myerin and one attacks Fezzik. Thorin Flame Strikes two of the Cloud Giants. Myerin attacks a Cloud Giant. Fezzik kills a Cloud Giant. Cecily does another Wings of Flurry and kills a Cloud Giant. One left! The Cloud Giant attacks Myerin, and Thorin mass heals. Myerin kills the last Cloud Giant. Myerin shanks Cecily for 12 points so Cecily gets to use her 13 temporary hit points. Yay!

We find 864 platinum, a potion of bark skin, a potion of bear’s endurance, a potion of endure elements, a potion of protection from arrows, a scroll of ray of enfeeblement, a scroll of summon swarm, a scroll of locate object, a scroll of burning hands, a wand of levitate with 34 charges, and bracers of armor +1.

Thorin notices Fezzik get hit. He sees a larger, darker giant. The senile lady might not be so senile. The new giant turns off Cecily’s Detect Magic and Spiderwalk. How rude! Fezzik protects and recites. Cecily tries to Wings of Flurry but it fails. We’re not sure why yet. Thorin Flame Strikes, of which half the damage goes through. Myerin fires two arrows but misses. Fezzik shoots him with a longbow. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts the Giant. Thorin Flame Stikes again. The Giant Dimension Doors right next to the party and attacks Thorin. Myerin refocuses, then waits for Fezzik. Fezzik smash. Myerin crits on the Giant and reduces its strength by 2. Cecily casts Reciprocal Gyre and the Giant only has one spell or SLA, causing 11 damage. Thorin casts Bolt of Glory, and the Giant Dimension Doors again and attacks Thorin. Fezzik smash. Cecily hastes. Myerin flanks the Giant and attacks for a crap ton. Thorin heals himself, then walks away. The Giant attacks Myerin then says, “no arcane knowledge is worth this. He can have the lich.” Then the Giant disappears.

That’s a wrap!

May 4, 2014

The female Goliath is named Tenel-Ka. The village welcomes her back and she tells the village who we are and that she is going to go get a Dawncaller (not a dong collar) and bring them back to the village. Dawncallers are scouts and messengers. She’s doing her business. The village is setting up a feast in our honor for clearing the haunted village. Myerin and Thorin believe there’s a metaphorical village hanging over everyone in the village. Fezzik and Cecily dance. Thorin and Myerin start gathering information, while Fezzik and Cecily start building a boat. They gather a crowd which makes Fezzik and Cecily happier. It’s a remote boat! The Goliaths are not aware of Fezzik’s doppleganger murdering people. They are aware of the dome but they believe the Stonespeakers will take care of it. They’re pretty cool with it. Myerin plays Goat Ball. This is not kicking an actual goat – it’s a ball made of goat hide. He’s on Nala Threadtwister’s team. Her team wins and Myerin spends the night in Nala Threadtwister’s tent. Wink wink. Eglath Fearless (Tenel-ka’s bodyguard) does not approve of Tenel-ka’s glances at Fezzik. Fezzik asks her if she wants to learn to build a boat and she smiles and says maybe later.

The next day start the competitions. The first competition is a climbing competition. Fezzik, Cecily, and Myerin decide to participate. Thorin declines. Fezzik and Cecily tie for first place and Myerin comes in third. Party in the boat! Next up is fighting. Myerin and Fezzik are in. Thorin and Cecily decide to watch from the boat. Fezzik wins against a random guy. Myerin fights against Eglath Fearless and wins, taking her to the finals to fight Fezzik. Fezzik wins and fights Tenel-ka, but loses because she turns into a dire polar bear. Next up is a drinking game. All four players compete, but our resident dwarf takes home the victory. There is a ceremony to celebrate the victors with bead and feather jewelry. Screaming can be heard from Nala Threadtwister’s tent.

The next day, a Stonespeaker walks into the village. His name is Aukan Wordpainter. He speaks with Tenel-ka. She speaks to the crowd about the party’s possible initiation. The village begins walking to the west. That party follows and brings the boat. As the four walk into the woods, a battlebriar tramples Myerin, Thorin and Cecily. Cecily drains 13 strength. Fezzik rages and smashes. Thorin heals himself. Myerin attacks. The battlebriar attacks. Cecily Wings of Flurries while blocking herself and Fezzik. Thorin mass heals. Myerin attacks. The battlebriar impales Myerin and Thorin. Cecily combusts and Eldritch Blasts the battlebriar. Fezzik smash. Thorin and Myerin are helpless, but get to make grapple checks. The battlebriar takes off with Myerin and Thorin. Cecily casts web in its general direction. The battlebriar roars. Fezzik follows the monster and sees it on the other side of some foliage. Thorin and Myerin try to grapple free, but fail. The battlebriar grapples Myerin and Thorin more. Cecily flies and Eldritch Blasts the battlebriar to death. Fezzik extracts Thorin and Myerin from the battlebriar. The crowd cheers and charges in. The Stonespeaker seems indifferent. We all go back to the village for the induction ceremony. The Stonespeaker says he will take us to the Ramla. He turns into a bird, we board our griffins and start to fly. We land around evening.

He turns back into himself at the entrance and backs away. There are several female statues with glowing eyes. Apparently that means that the Ramla are in residence and know of our presence. We start to enter. Cecily can tell that a spell has been cast, but doesn’t know what it is. Thorin knows it’s something like Zone of Truth across the entrance. We feel tingly as we walk in. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We see naked fire booby people. We’re not sure if they see us. They are rocking gently. Fezzik and Myerin remove their clothes while Cecily respectfully twirls. All four Ramla speak at once and ask what business we have with the Ramla. Thorin explains stuff. The Ramla tell us that before they will help us, we need to go back outside and help their people by asking about the Giant problem. We go back outside to Aukan and ask him about the Giant problems. He says there have been more abductions and attacks than normal at the village we just came from. He talks about some Cloud Giants and we decide to fly back to the village.


March 15, 2014

PC Notes:

Gabi offers to let us rest at his place and says he has things to sell. We buy stuff. After a carb-friendly dinner, we continue on with our plans. (We make sure to take the palantir back – we have it, not Gabi.) Gabi makes Cecily angry and she and Fezzik go out in the hallway and start decorating it in a nautical theme. Myerin and Thorin stay and ask him about specific Ebon Cabal things while they’ve been trapped. They come up with a password (the duck flies at midnight) and other Ebon Cabal members will know we’re cool. Gabi pokes his head out the door as we leave and says “huh. I like it.”

We decide to go to Fezzik’s slaughtered village. We sit down for story time while Fezzik tells us about Goliaths. The Ramla are the cream of the crop of the Stonespeakers, who are the druids of the Goliaths. Goliaths have very few clerics. We learn other stuff and fly away on our griffins.

When we land, during his watch, Thorin sees a red gargantuan ice cream lid (omnimental) fly at us. We all wake up. Cecily thinks it’s a combination of elementals, but is not sure anything else about it. Thorin Searing Lights it. Myerin uses eliusive bands to stand up. Fezzik stands up and casts Protection, but gets hit by the omnimental in the process. Myerin hits the omnimental. The omnimental attacks Thorin. Cecily drains 12 strengths and Thorin heals himself. Fezzik smash. Myerin swings and misses. The omnimental attacks Thorin. Cecily drains 10 more strength and Thorin heals himself again. Myerin opportunisticly attacks the omnimental. Then Myerin misses. The omnimental attacks Cecily this time so she drains 11 more strength. Thorin Searing Lights the omnimental. Fezzik smash. Myerin fans the omnimental – he seems pretty hot. The omnimental attacks Cecily again and she steals 11 more strength. Thorin heals Cecily, Fezzik smash, and Myerin cools down the omnimental again. So nice! The omnimental crits on Cecily, and she stupidly tries to steal more strength, even though that’s illegal. Thorin heals everyone. Fezzik grapples the omnimental – Fezzik hug, Fezzik smash. Myerin fans the omnimental briskly. The omnimental grapples with Fezzik, and Cecily Eldritch Blasts it. Thorin Searing Lights it and Fezzik pins it. Myerin decides to attack it this time. The omnimental stares at Fezzik. Cecily Eldritch Blasts it. Fezzik fails at grappling. Myerin attacks the omnimental, and it hits Fezzik. Cecily kills the omnimental with Eldritch Blast and the omnimental explodes into four huge elementals – one of each elemental type. Thorin gives Fezzik Holy Sword. Fezzik smashes Ang. Myerin decides to wait until Cecily goes. Ang causes a whirlwind, trying to pick everyone up, but only succeeds in picking Cecily up, takes her up 5 feet, then drops her. She can’t block the Earth from hitting her, so she falls back to the ground, and she’s pretty mad at Ang. Toph tries to attack Thorin, but misses once, and hits him once. Azula attacks Thorin. Katara tries to attack Fezzik but misses. Cecily hastes everyone and Eldritch Blasts Ang with righteous fury. Myerin attacks Toph a couple times. Thorin walks around the elementals and heals Cecily. Fezzik smash Toph to death. Ang whirlwinds again, picking up Cecily and holds her above Fezzik. Katara Assist Azula in attacking Fezzik, who is now on fire. Cecily combusts Ang to death. To death. Myerin attacks Azula. Thorin heals everyone, and Fezzik smash Azula to death. Katara is ineffective. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts Katara. Myerin attacks Katara. Thorin sits down Indian style. Fezzik smash Katara, Katara smash Fezzik. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts Katara. Myerin attacks Katara. Thorin gathers kindling and makes a new fire. Fezzik smash Katara to death.

On our Griffins, Myerin sees ruins. We decide to land. Myerin starts searching through the ruins. This is Fezzik’s village. Inside one of the tents is a sassy, winged skeleton man. He nauseates Myerin. She tumbles to the side. Sassypants attacks Thorin. Cecily hastes everyone and Fezzik Searing Lights him. Thorin also Searing Lights him. Myerin tumbles into Sassypants. Sassypants rots us and attacks Myerin. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts him. Fezzik smashes a little and thorin heals everyone (hurting Sassypants). Myerin tries to bluff Sassypants but fails, and hits Sassypants. Sassypants rots us and attacks Myerin. Cecily is nauseated. Fezzik smash. Thorin heals Sassypants and he does not like it one bit! Myerin is nauseated. Sassypants rots us and attacks Thorin. Cecily Vitriolic Blasts him, and Thorin heals himself. Myerin slice. Sassypants rots us and attacks Thorin. Cecily is nauseated. Fezzik smash to death. Sassypants was actually an Angel of Decay. We find treasure in the tent. Myerin tries to hide the treasure but we glare at her because we’re right next to her.

All the other tents are empty. Myerin sees a flying, blue, screaming ghost creature (deathshrieker) arrive above the group. Myerin is paralyzed with fear for two rounds, and Cecily and Fezzik are deafened. Thorin believes the deathshrieker is a minotaur. Myerin is still paralyzed. The deathskrieker screams and everyone but Cecily is stunned. Thorin is stunned . Cecily Vitriolic Blasts, but the deathshrieker evades it. Fezzik and Myerin are stunned. The deathshrieker causes Myerin and Cecily to become insane. Cecily runs away from the deathshrieker as fast as she can. Fezzik jumps and attacks the deathshrieker. Myerin starts babbling incoherently. The deathshrieker causes different insanities and takes five Charisma from Thorin. Thorin attempts a sonic attack but misses. Cecily attacks Thorin. Fezzik smash. Myerin runs as fast as she can away from the deathshrieker. Thorin runs to Myerin. Cecily runs away as fast as she can. Fezzik runs after Cecily. Myerin and Cecily stop and babble incoherently. Thorin heals Myerin. Fezzik uses a tanglefoot bag and catches Cecily. Myerin attacks the deathshrieker. The deathshrieker drains 7 more Charisma from Thorin. Thorin runs toward Cecily. Fezzik grapples Cecily who babbles smushily. Myerin runs after Thorin. The deathshrieker drains Thorin Charisma to zero, putting him in a coma. Fezzik drags Cecily toward Myerin and Throrin. Myerin attacks the deathshrieker to death. She explodes, causing Myerin to lose four levels and Thorin to lose one level. Don’t worry, Thorin fixes it.

Two Goliaths appear at the top of the cliff. Fezzik waves and says “OMG hai” in Gol-kaa. They walk towards our party. The female talks to Fezzik. They ask the party to stay with them. The female is the chieftain of her village and the male is her bodyguard. The Goliaths say that the Stonespeakers can now come back and cleanse this area now that we have killed the undead. All the Goliaths will be very happy and they like us now. We ask them if they are aware of the dome, but she doesn’t seem concerned about it. We ask them about the Ramla, but she is conerned and turns it around and ask us what we know about the Ramla. She says it is forbidden to speak with the Ramla. She can set up competitions for us in her village to prove ourselves to gain an audience with the Ramla. The Goliaths are confused by Cecily, but the bodyguard likes that she can spiderclimb. They like Thorin, but are extremely confused by his flying.

And that’s time!

February 8, 2014

PC Notes:

We ask Naryalla against whom it’s time for payback. She says against the dome. She asks us what we’ve done to the dome so far, we tell her, and she rolls her eyes at us and says we have made it stronger. She says she can take care of it, but needs help and looks directly at Cecily. She says yes. She says she needs to siphon arcane energy from Cecily and needs twistroot. We have enough. The Ebon Cabal has a shield they can put around the Black Tower but it looks like someone has amplified it and made it bigger and she can’t turn it off. Myerin asks who originally made the shield, but Naryalla doesn’t know but Gabi may know something about it. This shield has more abjuration to it than the big one, but the Ebon Cabal didn’t add it. Myerin takes the cooked squirrel and puts it in the bag. The party agrees to Naryalla’s plan, and they all prepare.

Cecily gives Naryalla 6 spell levels and the party gives her the enough twistroot. The wall starts to go all phsychadelic and flashes come out of Naryalla. Thorin hears a rumbling. He perceives that the rumbling is getting closer, but he can’t determine a direction. A few rounds later, Thorin hears the rumbling closer. Suddenly, Cecily falls into a big hole. Something big is down there with her. Thorin cast Holy Sword on Fezzik’s arms. Myerin jumps down the hole. The monster (umberhulk) tries to attack Myerin, but she avoids it with her elusive bands. Myerin attacks the umberhulk. Fezzik doesn’t think it’s even a monster. Fezzik smash. The umberhulk burrows 20 more feet down and burrows to the side. No more underhulk. Thorin refocuses. Myerin starts climbing up the hole. Thorin readies to cast soundlance at the umberhulk, Cecily readies Wings of Flurry, Fezzik delays, and Myerin climbs out of the hole. The umberhulk pops its head out of the ground a ways away and confuses Cecily, causing her to babble incoherently. No one suspects anything amiss. Myerin sees the umberhulk and points it out to Fezzik. Fezzik finally realizes Cecily is insane and Panaceas her. The Umberhulk comes up to the party and damages Fezzik. Cecily Wings of Flurrys it for 77 points and it seems to take the whole thing. Thorin soundlances the umberhulk, which makes its Fort save, and takes half damage. Myerin delays for Fezzik – Fezzik smash. Merin tumbles up to the umberhulk and hits it. The Umberhulk hits Fezzik, and Fezzik uses a magical retaliation spell to simultaneously hit the monster. The umberhulk dies.

The umberhulk had money and three scrolls. Right away, a large, flaming monster (Greater Shadesteal Golem) swoops in and attacks Thorin. Thorin and Myerin take 49 negative energy damage, but it’s all weird and not magic. Myerin throws a flask of Holy Water at the golem, but nothing much happens. Fezzik Blood Winds and hits the golem. Cecily tries to Wings of Flurry and it takes nothing. Thorin casts Cure Light Mass, and the golem follows him and attacks him. Myerin thros an acid flask at the golem and causes 4 damage. Fezzik smash. Cecily tries to Eldritch Blast the golem, but we find that it is immune to magic. Thorin heals himself. The golem attacks everyone. Myerin jumps at the golem, but misses. Fezzik smash. Cecily hastes. Thorin cure lights mass. The golem attacks Fezzik twice. Myerin attacks the golem once and misses twice. Cecily Vitrolic Blasts the golem. Thorin Cures light mass, and the golem hits Fezzik, but Cecily blocks one. Fezzik smash. Myerin kills the golem extra dead. Cecily feels more powerful now. She casts Web over the hole.

The thrumming of the dome has gotten louder. Two monsters swoop in from either side, the one that flies conveniently flying over the web. The flying monster is a nalfeshnee, and the other monster is a glabrezu. Thorin casts Bolt of Glory at the glabrezu, causing 106 damage. Fezzik drinks a Fly potion. The party moves around, and Thorin is back up. He casts Holy Smite, damaging the two monsters as well as Myerin. Myerin is not pleased. The nalfeshnee pushes Thorin into the wall, and the glabrezu stuns Myerin. Cecily casts Fly, and quickens Eldritch Blast at the nalfeshnee. Myerin is stunned. Fezzik Panaceas Myerin. Thorin casts Holy Smite again for half damage. The monsters attack everyone for different amounts of damage. Cecily causes the glabrezu to lose 15 strength. Myerin attacks the naleshnee. Fezzik smash. Thorin heals himself. The glabrezu tries to confuse everyrone, but fails. The naleshnee attacks Myerin. Cecily casts Wings of Flurry for half damage to both monsters. Myerin attacks the nalfeshnee. Fezzik smashes a little. Thorin kills the nalfshnee, and the glabrezu Unholy Bights everyone. Cecily kills the glabrezu.

Naryalla screams and tells Cecily to come down to the wall. Naryalla puts Cecily’s hands on the dome, and Cecily takes over as Naryalla faints. Cecily finishes the process, which takes the rest of her casting levels. The dome reforms itself the way it was meant to be without the outer dome. The party grabs Naryalla and heads to the tower.

The Ebon Cabal cautiously invites them in to see Gabi. He asks them if they are going to help. The party is confused, and he puts his hands on Naryalla’s head. He says that they have all been trapped inside the Black Tower dome unable to get out until now. He speaks with Armenhammer through the plantier. He and the party talk about the veil and dead people. Myerin is sure that butterflies are causing the dome. He wonders what Shen is doing and once he finds out Cecily is his daughter, he touches her hand, then jerks away from her and refuses to tell her anything. So rude! Gabi tells the party that they need to go see the Ramla.

That’s a wrap!

September 7, 2013

PC Notes:

Miss Banford comes in and we all say hello. She says she’s very tired from popping through the portal and saving us a few days ago. She says her pool is limited. Fezzik and Cecily would like to go swimming. Myerin asks if Miss Banford could make any upgrades to any of her stuff, and she says she could, but it will take time. Cecily asks how she knew to come and save us, and she says that undead activity had been happening there, and when she came through, we were there so she saved us. Good timing! Cecily asks Miss Banford if she has any Marine items, and Miss Banford seems confused. She asks if we have a plantier, so we give it to her. She asks us to leave the room while she looks at it. We hear grinding, cutting, and other loud noises. When the door opens, the plantier is in two pieces. We ask her why she broke it, but she says to take it outside and see what it does. When we take it outside, when you look into one half, you are able to see someone in the other half. Two way bowls!! We decide to go to the black towers of the Ebon Cabal.

We get on a boat going North. We are supposed to look for a guy named Gabi (yup, a guy) when we get to the Ebon Cabal. We are keeping the twistroot as the ace up our sleeves. On the boat, we take watch. While Thorin is awake, he is attacked by an enormous crab. Fezzik wakes up and puts a spiritual weapon next to the crab. Myerin stands up and shoots the crab. The crab grapples Thorin, then disappears below the waves with him. Cecily wakes up and wonders what all the noise is about. Fezzik casts water breathing on everyone and jumps in after the crab. Myerin also jumps in to get the crab. The crab grapples Myerin and squeezes both her and Thorin. The crab also grapples Fezzik and sinks 5 feet. Now Cecily is alone. She casts Haste to give her companions more grapple checks. Thorin tries to escape but fails. Fezzik smash. Myerin tries to escape but fails. The crab squeezes everyone and goes 5 feet lower. Cecily decides it is time to go swimming. She dives in and combusts the crab. Thorin escapes the crab’s grasp, and swims up 5 feet. Fezzik smash. Myerin tries to escape but fails. The crab squeezes Myerin and regrapples Thorin. Cecily combusts the crab to death, and the other three all drop 15 feet with the dead crab. Thorin degrapples himself. Myerin cuts off the pincer holding her, and after searching the crab, finds a hatch under the crab. Fezzik rips the hatch off and Myerin searches inside. She finds a chest that is not trapped. On top of the crab, we see a space that looks like a rider would fit inside. Inside is a skull in a crown. Back up on the ship, the skull looks like it’s looking at us. Fezzik says hello and the skull looks like it recognizes hello. He turns the skull to Cecily and she makes a face at the skull. It seems the skull is being controlled by someone. The chest is locked. Myerin unlocks and opens the chest and we find 1,000 gold, 1,125 platinum and a note that says “for services rendered.” Fezzik says thank you to the skull, then puts it back in his pants.

We decide to fly the rest of the way on our griffins. We find a dome within the dome surrounding the black tower, and Thorin immediately decides to touch it. When he does, it ripples in hexagons, and he takes 3 force damage. When he shoots an arrow at the dome, it bounces back at Thorin, but misses him. While Thorin is playing with the dome, Myerin jumps onto Fezzik and Cecily’s griffin and they all fly to the ground. Thorin attempts to shoot Searing Light at the dome, it bounces back and almost hits the griffin. Thorin is done playing with the dome now. He joins the rest of the party on the ground. Fezzik attempts to dig under the dome, but it extends below the ground. Oh wait, Thorin has one more idea. He tries to punch the dome, but takes 4 non-lethal damage. Now he says he’s really done. He wonders what would happen if he digs below the dome. Fezzik looks at him.

We take a break and look at unstackable cups.

We decide to go stand on top of the dome, but first attack some woodland creatures with an arrow.

Josh discovers that he and Dave have the exact same computer cloth. Yay.

Myerin cruelly stabs a squirrel with the arrow. The squirrel screams and Thorin drops the mortally wounded squirrel on the dome. The squirrel was attacked with force over and over until it dies a painful and horrible death. Cecily is distraught and sobs over the death of the squirrel. Myerin rips the fur off of the squirrel and now the squirrel isn’t even fuzzy!

Suddenly, the party is required to make spot checks, which Cecily fails. She takes 42 cold damage. We see a huge floating man (night wing) up in the sky. A large skeleton (dread wraith) pops up from the ground next to us. The nightwing flies over the party and attacks Fezzik and the dread wraith attack Myerin and did some Con damage. Fezzik casts Recitation. Cecily casts Wings of Flurry and hits both of the enemies. Thorin casts Bolt of Glory (finally!) and hits the night wing. The night wing casts Unholy Blight, and the dread wraith attacks Myerin and does 6 more Con damage, leaving her at 5 Con! The night wing flies up 60 feet. Fezzik smashes the dread wraith. Cecily Wings of Flurries the dread wraith, Myerin withdraws, and Thorin tries to heal the dread wraith, but fails. The night wing tries to confuse the party, but fails, and the dread wraith drains some of Thorin’s Con. Fezzik kills the dread wraith, and Cecily Vitriolic Blasts the night wing to death. After the party heals, it’s time to camp for the night.

While Thorin is keeping watch (as usual), a huge tumbleweed tramples the party. Fezzik stands up and shoots the tumbleweed (odopi) with a bow. The odopi attacks Thorin, grapples him, then tramples the party. Thorin tries to escape the grapple, but fails. Myerin moves up next to the odopi and attacks it. Fezzik casts Blood Wind and attacks the odopi. The odopi pins Thorin and tramples 120 feet over Myerin. Myerin and Fezzik double move to the odopi. The odopi eats Thorin – it has a mouth! – and swallows him. He is now inside of the odopi! Then the tumbleweed tumbles back another 60 feet. Thorin cuts a hole in the monster’s stomach. Myerin slays the beast and the party cuts Thorin out of the odopi’s body. After the fight, Naryalla pops out from the trees and says “time for some payback.” Dun dun dun!

Now it’s Desmond’s bedtime and Phillip has to go to Trevor’s. The party disbands.

Until next time!

August 15, 2013
The History of the Valley...

GM Notes:

The story of Slaughtergarde begins almost a thousand years ago, when a sorcerous demon prince named Mu-Tahn
Laa set his sights on the millions of souls on the Material Plane. As he gathered demon hordes and depraved mortals to his layer of the Abyss, a place known as the Mountains of Sorrow Beyond Measure, he began plotting.
Mu-Tahn Laa quickly reached an impasse. The energy required to sustain a gate to the Material Plane large enough to march an army through was incalculable. Even if he could accumulate enough power to create such a gate, the forces of good could quickly thwart his invasion by attacking the gate on the Material Plane, where defending it would be difficult. Mu-Tahn Laa’s frustration was so great that even the screams of the innocent provided no succor. He brooded on his black throne, contemplating other means to reach the Material Plane.
In a flash of inspiration, Mu-Tahn Laa conceived a fiendish plan. He cast off his despondency and started a series of eldrirch trials, using his rival’s minions (and sometimes his rivals themselves) as experiments.
After decades of research , Mu-Tahn Laa’s efforts bore fruit. If his cults could provide enough energy in the form of souls who were honored and then sacrificed, Mu-Tahn Laa could actually transpose part of the Abyss and the Material Plane. Several square miles of the Mountains of Sorrow Beyond Measure could become part of the Material Plane. The corresponding territory on the Material Plane would be part of the Abyss forever.
The transposition would be a one-way trip, so Mu-Tahn Laa began to hollow out a mountain, packing it with his armies and enough supplies for an extended campaign on the Material Plane. Mindful of the risk of failure, the demon prince thought it prudent to build some smaller gates connecting the mountain-fortress to the Abyss. He
couldn’t retreat an army back through those gates, but he and his personal retinue should be able to travel between the two planes unimpeded. After years of toil, Mu-Tahn Laa’s mountain fortress, which he named Slaughergarde, was ready. Mortal cults, responding to whispered promises of dark power, began gathering in a remote mountain valley. Demons were coming to the Material Plane, and they were coming to stay…

But the forces of good were not as oblivious as Mu-Tahn Laa had imagined. The blind dwarf sage Thermeskor had a vision of a mountain weeping blood. Elf mystics found their meditations interrupted by similar scenes. Humans native to one particular mountain valley began erecting black obelisks at the direction of their priests, often with the aid of dwarves and elves.
Oracular visions warned angels that extraplanar war was coming to the Material Plane. A celestial army encamped on the Plain of Ida in the Heroic Domains of Ysgard received a loathsome but ultimately useful visitor-a jealous lieutenant of Mu-Tahn Laa named Kuthrikki. Kuthrikki revealed Mu-Tahn Laa’s plans to the celestials. They, in turn, hastily moved their host to the Material Plane and worked with the mortals there.
When Mu·Tahn Laa transposed Slaugbtergarde to the Material Plane, he found an army of elves, dwarves, humans, and angels waiting eagerly to cast his invading force back to the Abyss. At first, the prospect of battle delighted the demon prince, and he ordered his armies forward into battle. It is said that the very sky shook that day, and the Murrilach River ran dark with mortal blood, celestial essence, and demonic ichor.
As the sun set on the first day of the battle of Slaughtergarde, Mu-Tahn Laa noticed a faint pull on the eldritch weavings responsible for Slaughtergarde’s transposition. The black obelisks were siphoning away the power of the
demon prince’s magic, threatening to throw his entire fortress back to the Abyss. Mu-Tahn Laa ordered his soldiers to destroy the obelisks quickly, lest his invasion end in disaster.
But Mu-Tahn Laa’s host was wild with blood-lust, and the chaotic warriors scorned his orders. As the obelisks siphoned more of its power away, Slaughtergarde began to break apart. At first, it crumbled around the edges, but as the forces of good redoubled their efforts, the entire mountain began to quake as if about to erupt. Before sun rise, in an upheaval loud enough to be heard across a continent, Slaughtergarde exploded. The majority of its wreckage hurtled across the void between the planes to its proper place in the Abyss.
Satisfied that the Material Plane was safe, most mortals returned to their homes. The celestial host, aided by a few brave natives of the Material Plane (later to become the Luminous Order), turned its efforts toward tracking down stragglers from Mu-Tahn Laa’s horde. Now, eight centuries after the Battle of Slaughtergarde, the only reminders that it ever happened are a sinister crater where the transposed mountain briefly stood and a network of crumbling black obelisks.

As for Mu-Tahn Laa, he never returned to the Mountains of Sorrow Beyond Measure. His fellow demon princes gave him up for dead. They then fought over his vacant holdings in the Abyss.
The obelisks did their job, but the destruction of Slaughtergarde wasn’t total, nor was its return to the Abyss complete. A few chunks of Slaughtergarde retained enough of Mu-Tahn Laa’s transposition magic to embed themselves in the Material Plane permanently. There they remain…

PC Notes:

Once Sassypants is dead, Fezzik smells something familiar coming from a direction. Myerin and Thorin see a section of the desert that seems differently bony. Once there, Myerin searches and finds a place that looks like someone has covered a hole with bones. No traps! Oh wait, a trap. Myerin and Fezzik almost fall down the hole, which is actually larger than it first appears. We all like the dark and can just barely see the ground. The party climbs down the hole.

The men seem to leave the room one by one for refreshments.

We continue down the hole and there are bones everywhere, even in the walls. Still no traps! Fezzik takes his ass to the flo’ and gets low, gets low. Once on the floor, a fireball blast goes off. Thorin, Myerin, and Fezzik evade the flames, and Cecily blocks it. Now there must be no traps! After about 20 feet, we see a giant pile of sculls with arms (necronaut). The red solo cup tramples all four of us. It then bullrushes Cecily into the wall. Fezzik smash. The necronaut tramples back over us all and disappears out of sight, but Cecily blocks the damage. Thorin moves forward and attempts to cast a spell, but cannot overcome the monster’s SR. Myerin continues to fire arrows. Fezzik smash. The necronaut does another smash-by, but Cecily is next to Myerin and Fezzik, so they take no damage. Thorin, however, is beyond her reach and he takes trample damage. Cecily is bullrushed again. Cecily tries to enfeeble the monster, but forgets that undead creatures are not affected by energy drain. Duh! Cecily needs a refresher course on undead. Fezzik smash. Thorin heals the party, and Myerin sneak attacks. The necronaut – surprise – tramples us again, but Fezzik does a smash-by and the necronaut is no more. We heal and Myerin searches the area. She finds twistroot. We don’t know exactly what this does, but we know the Ebon Cabal wants it. Cecily climbs to the ceiling above Fezzik’s head. He tries to jump up and boop Cecily on the head, but she’s out of reach! What a fun game!

As we walk along the passageway, the bones seem to amalgamate into a Boneyard behind us. These are undead monsters, and capable of summoning helpers, which it does. Two adult red Dragon skeletons join the fight. However, Thorin does not have much knowledge about these creatures. Fezzik attempts to grapple the Boneyard and succeeds. A dragon skeleton grapples Thorin. Fezzik smash. Myerin stab. Cecily takes a gamble and casts Wings of Flurry at the two skeletons, who make their saves and take half damage. However, Thorin fails his save, then fails his alter fortune, and takes full damage and is dazed for a round. Cecily feels terrible!! The monsters are happy. Cecily hisses at them. Myerin yells at Cecily not to trust her friend when he tells you to shoot at him. One skeleton readied to attack Thorin on Thorin’s go, but due to Josh’s wording, the players stop for a brief argument. The fight continues. Fezzik smash, Myerin stab. The skeleton grappling Thorin attacks him and knocks him unconscious. Cecily Wings of Flurries the two skeletons, one of which takes full damage. Fezzik and Myerin kill the Boneyard, and Myerin finishes off one of the skeletons. The other skeleton kills Thorin completely. Cecily kills the last skeleton and Thorin realizes he’s not dead after all due to his permanent Vigor. He had so high a Bluff check he believed his death himself. Myerin slaps Thorin for scaring her.

Armenhammer bursts through the wall and Fezzik goes down to get him. Armenhammer can’t see in the dark and he fights Fezzik. Back in the sanctum bubble, Armenhammer has trouble believing us. We tell him we are tired of him trying to kill us, but he has no idea what we’re talking about. Right. We take him back down to the ground and try to help him find his equipment. He is acting like a dick, but we follow him through the wall. He has apparently killed almost all of the monsters on the other side of the wall. We find his shit. Ungrateful bastard. We make him say thank you and give him back his stuff. Fezzik and Cecily dance. Armenhammer pulls out some orbs that turn into Griffins. We all fly back to the Citadel. He whistles at our horses to make them run back to the citadel. Myerin tells him that Naryalla helped us earlier and he calls her insufferable. Fezzik says “glass houses.” The entire flight back to the Citadel, Myerin incessantly berates Thorin for almost leaving her with Fezzik and Cecily. At the Citadel, Armenhammer thanks us and tells us new information. Now we know everything he knows about the valley.

That’s a wrap!

August 8, 2013
Walls, walls, and more walls!

GM Notes: (Sassy Pants is a Ragewalker)

PC Notes:

Our new sailor friends offer to give us horses. Fezzik takes the armored horse, Myerin takes the horse that makes her invisible, Thorin takes the undead horse, and Cecily takes the blue dressy horse. We make camp 60 feet off the path. While Fezzik is on watch, he senses something magical happening, but is not quite sure what it is. He sees a large, slimy rock man – it is an Alkilith! It enervates Fezzik so he puts a spiritual weapon next to it. The Alkilith casts a wall of ice, trapping Myerin with it on one side, and the rest of the party on the other side. Thorin gives Fezzik DR/Adamantine, Fezzik walks around the wall and fires an arrow, Cecily flies above the wall, and Myerin goes towards Fezzik. The Alkilith casts a stinking cloud around Myerin – eww! Thorin starts around the wall. Cecily casts four unicorns at the Alkilith – everyone is surprised that Cecily has actually been talking about a real unicorn spell this whole time and she is very indignant – and the unicorns push the monster back five feet. They do no damage, but Cecily has had fun! Myerin hits the monster and actually does damage. Cecily should feel ashamed, but she just casts unicorns! The stinking cloud expands. The Alkilith attempts to grapple Myerin, but fails. Fezzik smash.

John is unable to wait until the end of battle, so the men take a bathroom break!

The fight continues. Myerin single-handedly causes the Alkilith to quake with fear and teleport terrifiedly from her in defeat! Myerin is our savior and hero! We decide to move our campsite. Too stinky! We wake up and continue on to Slaughterscar.

When we reach Slaughterscar, we see an desert area, where before we saw lots of dead trees. We come upon a sassy monster. Rawr! He seems gleeful and tracks along with us as we try to skirt the desert. He seems naturey. We decide to attack him since that seems to make him happy. This dude has SR and a high touch AC! Arrows fired at him reflected off of him and were fired back at Myerin and Fezzik. He casts a blade barrier around us which only affects Cecily. Then he charges. Myerin seems strange now. Again. She tries to attack Fezzik. Cecily casts Wings of Flurry and this brings about a bit of a tiff at the gaming table. Fezzik smash. Thorin Flame Strikes. The sassy monster casts another wall of fire and attacks Fezzik with a spikes chain and tripps him. Myerin attacks the monster. Cecily hastes everyone. This causes a distance discussion. Fezzik makes himself more resistant to fire, and Thorin heals everyone which sparks a math conversation. Sigh. The monster with sass withdraws behind Thorin and – surprise – casts a third fire wall. Cecily casts another Wings of Flurry which makes Mr. Sassy upset. Fezzik smash. The 9:15 bell rings. Sassypants dies.


August 1, 2013
"WTF!!! Why does Armin Harrak have tentacles now?!" Fezzik

GM Notes:

…I have nothing to add…

PC Notes:

There is something wrong with Myerin! She starts taking off her clothes. Cecily turns into sand while Fezzik breaks down the barred door. Outside the room, there seems to be more vegetation than there was previously. Fezzik is snared by a tree, but escapes. Cecily sands in front of Thorin, releases Gust of Wind, and casts Ray of Enfeeblement, bringing his strength to 3. His load is now too heavy! We have Thorin and Myerin stripping. Armenhammer turns into a Rukarazyll – oh no! Thorin follws behind it. While Fezzik works his way through a wall of thorns, Cecily attempts to dispel the wall of thorns, but fails. She turns back into sand and flies away. The Rukarazyll mirror images into 8 images. Cecily tries to cast Wings of Flurry, and does kill the ooze, but the Rukarazyll is too Dexy.

Josh has to pee.

The battle continues. Fezzik hits 4 of the mirror images. Cecily Magic Missiles the remaining images, bringing it back to just the main monster. Fezzik smash. Myerin is still stripping. Crazy Dark One. Cecily attempts to Combust but, again, fails. Fezzik smash. Thorin continues to hide behind the Rukarazyll. Cecily finally manages to Combust. Fezzik smash. Thorin has to critically cure the Rukarazyll (but only for 27 points). Cecily combusts again. The Rukarazyll’s not feeling too Dexy now! Fezzik smash. As Thorin casts Heal, an arrow hits him in the back for 49 damage. Myerin continues her strip tease. Fezzik delays death, Cecily casts a hail of stone and kills the monster, and heals Fezzik who deals the killing blow and stops regeneration. Naryalla emerges from the bushes and bitchily tells Cecily “it took you long enough!” Cecily seethes. Naryalla casts Greater Dispel Magic on Thorin who proceeds to heal everyone. Then we all turn to go get Myerin, but the main door is magically closed. Hang on Myerin!

Bathroom break!

Once the doors open, 4 Luminous initiates with spears charge the party but are ineffectual. Thorin Prot. Evils the initiates, and Myerin. We go to the area with Circle Against Evil. It appears Armenhammer went off on a mission to the Scar and when “he” came back, he seemed a little off. He then sent most of the people of the Citadel off on “missions” leaving a sparse guard of initiates which he sent into the brain room to dominate them. We round up the 50 remaining dominated initiates and bring them into the room to Greater Dispel them. They are all like, wtf?!?We head to Armenhammer’s office. Thorin set off a trap in his hastiness. Myerin finally gets to roll to check the office. It seems like a tornado has gone off in here. Armenhammer ought to be more organized. We find a scrying orb. Fezzik looks in it and sees Shen and a malevolent creature sitting on a pile of skulls. Shen turns toward Fezzik and the orb goes black. Fezzik pees on the orb. Naryalla decides she no longer wants the orb.

Naryalla tells us stuff about Slaughterscar. We should go there to find Armenhammer. Fezzik decorates the Citadel in a nautical theme and Cecily teaches the initiates how to sail while Thorin and Myerin go look in the town to go ask clerics why people can’t be resurrected. It doesn’t appear to be because of the dome – they couldn’t find the dead’s soul. When Thorin and Myerin return to the citadel, it is now Marineistan and the sailors rush out and tell them they found a chest of money and a letter from Shen saying “this will be enough payment. Or else…” Off to Slaughterscar!


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